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About Us

Finding Food Inspiration in Every Bite

We are a Shared Use Food Facility: A facility dedicated to renting commercial kitchen space for shared use to a variety of food businesses. But we are also a tiny food universe of food business services.

Our Story

In 2011, Benjamin and Connie had plans to open a restaurant. However, they soon realized that the restaurant industry was not the best fit for them. They noticed a gap in the market for shared commercial kitchen spaces and decided to pursue that instead. They stumbled upon a Chinese restaurant in a convenient location that was going out of business and transformed the 2,500SF space into NYC's 6th shared commercial kitchen.

Since 2013, Benjamin and Connie have worked tirelessly to expand their business, which now spans 43,500SF and includes commercial kitchens, storage facilities, and offices. As a result, Tiny Drumsticks is now the largest shared kitchen facility in both New York State and City. Their success is a testament to their astute business sense and their ability to adapt to changing market trends.


A FEW OF OUR Clients

The Boiis Co
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